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When water damage happens, we’re here to help!

Water damage is a problem that needs professional assistance. From the moment damage occurs, mold starts to grow, wood begins to swell and your possessions can be adversely affected. Water can cause severe harm to your floors, carpets, walls, furniture and the structural integrity of your home or workplace. You can prevent the harmful consequences of water by a prompt and effective intervention. Our team is licensed and trained to restore your property from any water damage. We provide a wide range of remediation services that covers all the needs that you may have after the incident.

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Flood Damage Restoration

If you are experiencing flood damage, then it is important to address it as soon as you possibly can. When your property is flooded, you should respond right ...

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Fire Damage Restoration

Fire is one of the most devastating incidents that can happen suddenly in your home or business. After the emergency, your property will be suffering ...

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Sewage damage cleanup

Sewage damage can be an important problem especially if the waste water is leaking into your home or business. We understand the harshness of having sewage water damage...

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Hardwood floor damage

If you experienced a water damage incident which caused excessive expansion in your wood floor, we can help. Rosemead 24/7 Flood Rescue can repair and restore the harm...

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Water damage insurance

Water damage comes in many forms, including natural disasters, pipe bursts, bathtub overflows, among others. Whatever form it takes, the results can be devastating ...

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Cold water extraction

Multiple problems arise after water damage occurs. Natural flooding disaster, water abatement or a leaking toilet calls for cold water extraction services...

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